My journey towards the life of blogging

by Danish Hero

My journey towards the life of blogging

by Danish Hero

by Danish Hero

I have a lot of experience in producing user-friendly and high converting e-commerce shops and generally have a good idea of what it takes, to create a successful online business.

Whether it’s a blog, online magazine or local business.

Now I wish to use these skills to create a successful blog (you’re reading it right now, so far so good right) and I’d like to share all my tips and tricks with you and share my journey towards building this supersonic content machine.

It’s not going to be easy since there’s a lot of competition in the “blog market” but I’ll do my best to succeed. And to make it even harder for myself, I have decided that I can’t spend any money on this blog, besides from the hosting of course. This means that all the lovely online tools that you’d normally use to start an online business, is not allowed to me, or at least not the paid versions of them. Furthermore, I don’t have access to the developers, designers, and copywriters that I normally use when creating killer websites – I know, wish me luck!

So the mission right now is to:

  • Create a successful blog (read how I define a successful blog later this year)

On these conditions:

  • I can’t use any paid online totals (free version is allowed)
  • friends and colleagues can’t help with anything (this means no developers, designers, writers and so)
  • I can’t enroll any paid courses, webinar and so

If you find this challenge exciting and want to learn how I’m going to accomplish this, feel free to sign up for my newsletter where I’ll keep you updated. Follow this link to sign-up.

I can promise you it’s going to be a very exciting journey, so if you want all the insider tips on how to create a powerful blog on a low budget, I would recommend you to stay tuned.

Happy blogging!

Danish marketer blogging about life, e-commerce, online tools, marketing and online income.

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