Digital Nomade in Malaysia – 1 or 5-year pass for Entrepreneurs

by Danish Hero

Digital Nomade in Malaysia – 1 or 5-year pass for Entrepreneurs

by Danish Hero

by Danish Hero

I’m excited to announce that Malaysia offers 1 and 5-years entrepreneur visas. Malaysia also has a territorial tax system which means all income made outside of Malaysia is NOT taxed.

One requirement for the entrepreneur visa is to sign up to one of their startup hubs where you are getting a co-working place.

To me this sounds great, it would be nice to be a part of a startup scene, where you can network and find great business opportunities.

Feel free to comment if you have any experience on Malaysia as a nomad destination!

Link to the visa program

I’m no expert in living as a nomade in Malaysia, but I’ve heard that:

  • The entrepreneur visa has low requirements, so it’s a lot easier than doing visa runs. It also a requirement to have a proper visa in Malaysia if you want to take advantage of their territorial tax system. It makes it easier to open bank accounts too.
  • Let’s say that you are a tax resident of an average EU country and making 50.000 EURO per year. Then you pay 10.000-15.000 EURO TAX. If you can reduce that amount to zero, then the 1200 USD for a 5-year visa is paying for itself several times around. It makes it easier if you want to invest and buy properties in Malaysia. You can still nomad around to other countries, you just got yourself a stable base.
  •  It’s a beautiful country with warm, friendly people, a vibrant cultural scene, amazing food, and a wonderful energy.

Jen from vegannomadlife made an in-depth post about why you should consider trying the Malaysian nomade life. Read it here.

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