Google Analytics – Block my own IP (How-to guide)

by Danish Hero

Google Analytics – Block my own IP (How-to guide)

by Danish Hero

by Danish Hero

In this 2 minute guide, I will teach you how to exclude your own IP address from Google Analytics. This includes creating a filter, for your account, finding your IP address and activating the filter.

Go the bottom of the post for the full 80-second video of how to set up the filter

The typical reason for doing this is for yourself to stop screwing with the data that is provided to you. In my opinion, you should try to set up as many filters as possible, from all the IP-addresses that you could ever visit. Are you visiting your family’s house? Create a filter. Visiting friends? Create a filter. Going on a holiday and only have access to the hotel provided wifi? Create a filter. It’s very important to keep your data clean! If you, like me, visit your own website every day, every week, 365 days a year, then your analytics data would be screwed without a filter.

Step by step guide

  1. Login to your Google Analytics account – link to login
  2. Choose the Account that you’d like excluded from
  3. Click “All Filters”
  4. Click “+Add filter”
  5. Give it a name (example: Home exclude / Work IP / Friend name block
  6. Choose “Predefined” which should already be auto chosen
  7. Select “Exclude” at Filter Type
  8. Select “Trafic from the IP addresses” at source or destination”
  9. Select “That are equal to” at expression
  10. Go to (new window)
  11. Copy paste your address from to the IP Adress input field in your filter
  12. Click save

You have now applied a filter to your analytics account, blocking all future data from your location. Keep in mind that all future websites views that you will create on this account, will be using this filter. In case you want to set it up for specific views, then you should choose the website view and follow the same process for creating the filter.

In case you are more of a video person, feel free to watch this video showing you the steps in 80 seconds.

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